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Relax | Recalibrate | Rejuvenate

A Sound and Vibrational experience that leads to deep relaxation within minutes allowing one to recalibrate and be rejuvenated.

Also known as “The Relaxation Effect”, when this occurs the brain releases chemicals and signals which makes your muscles and organs slow down while increasing blood flow to the brain.



Benefits of the “Relaxation Effect” Include:

  • Enhancement of Overall Mood
  • Reduction of Generalized Anxiety
  • Non-invasive Brain Stimulation
  • Sensation of Complete Relaxation/Peacefulness
  • Full and Peaceful Night’s Sleep
  • Relief from Aching/Twitching Muscles
  • Mental Clarity
  • A Feeling of Being Recharged
  • State of Induced Relaxation
  • Heightened State of Mental Awareness
  • Increased Mobility
  • Increased Creativity