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Kinetic Harmonies – old wisdom comes together with modern technology!

Ancient civilizations have used sound and vibration through the millennia to evoke responses within the human psyche and physiology.

The Kinetic Harmonies Rejuvenation Lounger uses specialized vibration generators within the lounger to bring soothing frequencies to all of your cells, thus coaxing your body and mind into a calming alignment.

The music is designed to cause the mind to relax by utilizing specific frequencies known as “Bi-Neural Beats”. Due to entrainment, the mind will match these less activating or energized tones and go into a calmer brain state, bringing about “The Relaxation Effect.”

The Rejuvenation Lounger can be laid out flat on the included cot and can also be used as a topper on a massage table. Or, by extending the legs at the head of the cot and placing the bolster between the lounger and cot you will achieve a “Zero Gravity” position, releasing tension on the joints and ligaments. This is a great position for the body in preparation to go into complete relaxation, body and mind.

What is included with the Kinetic Harmonies Rejuvenation Lounger?

The Vibration Lounger, quality adjustable cot with bolster, Amplifier, MP3 player with specially designed music included, Headphones and all cords to attach the electronics. Essentially, everything you need to have a fully operational system is included.