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The Founder

Dr. Branan Dewees Graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1999. He owned and operated a Family Based Chiropractic practice in Maui Hawaii for five years before relocating to Colorado where he was introduced to health and healing through the use of light, sound, and frequency. He has been President of Balanced Health Centers in Denver, Colorado, a center which utilized the theory and science of light, sound, and frequency as applied to reach a higher potential in health and wellbeing. Dr. Dewees has collaborated on several Bio-Energetic products and is the inventor of the first custom imprintable bio-energetic bracelet. He Co-founded ASA Technologies where he served as Vice President for several years.

After much time being in the health care profession, he realized many people are drastically searching for answers while in a highly stressed mindset. This is what led him to the creation of Kinetic Harmonies. Dr. Dewees’ passion is to provide tools that relax, rejuvenate and recalibrate one's mindset, thus, allowing for higher performance, higher choices, and higher joy in life.

When Dr. Dewees is not in the factory designing and working with new concepts in light, sound, and vibration he can be found Mountain Biking, Stand up paddle boarding or at a hot spring which he considers his outdoor think tank.

Branan Dewees